Mr. Abdulrahman Mohammed Addas

Mr. Abdulrahman Mohammedramzi Addas

Board Member \ Chairman of the Audit Committee \ Executive Committee Member


Mr. Abdulrahman Mohammedramzi Addas is an independent member of the Alinma Bank Board of Directors, In addition to his role with Alinma Bank, Mr. Addas serves in boards of Kinan International Real Estate Development, Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co. Ltd., Diyar AlKhayyal Real Estate Dev., Tunisian Saudi Bank, the Environment Fund. Over three decades-long career, Mr. Addas has distinguished himself, first with several roles at National Commercial Bank, and then with SEDCO Holding Group.


Mr. Addas holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Denver in the United States and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from King Abdulaziz University.