Special needs Services

Serving Special Needs & Elderly Customers

“Serving the Community” is one of Alinma Bank’s most important values; and we strive to serve all customer with excellence, respect, and digntity, irrespective of age or special needs status.And for those individuals who require additional assistance, Alinma Bank goes the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met so that you can execute transactions and manage your financial life with ease and conveinece.This includes:

  • Allocation of parking spaces near branch entrances for those with special needs. Alinma security personnel have also been trained to provide support and assistance, including parking customer vehicles when requested to do so
  • In-branch customer care offices that have been unqiurely designed and equipped to meet the needs of elderly and special needs customers.
  • Priority in-branch service whereby special needs customersare served immediately.
  • Frontline staff who are trained to provide special needs service including reading and explaining documents for customers as well as terms and conditions, and clauses of contracts.  Staff are likewise trained to anticipate needs and to take the time necessary to ensure that inquiries have been adequately responded to.
  • Braille language brochures for the sight-impaired.
  • Ramps for customer using wheelchairs or other mobility assistance devices, and elevator access to the second floor.
  • Braille ATM keypads for the sight-impaired.
  • Embossed bank cards, which can be printed and made availale within three working days.
  • Specially equipped and enabled branch ATMs and other self-service machines for the sight-impaired.
  • In-person service visits by Alinma staff accoding to government and bank policies and procedures.