About Us

Alinma Bank is the region’s epicenter for dynamic, innovative, Shariah-compliant banking and financial services, delivered with the speed and convenience customers require in their busy modern lives.  Founded in 2006 by royal decree, Alinma Bank has a strong record of accomplishment of supporting the national economy and helping individuals and businesses pursue their goals and aspirations.


As a full-service financial institution, the bank serves individuals, corporates, and SMEs alike, with comprehensive products and services, delivered by skilled staff that are proactive on behalf of customers – anticipating needs, clearing obstacles, and creating efficiencies that give customers a best-in-class banking experience.  Product offerings include Real estate and personal financing, individual and corporate current accounts, Saving accounts, card services, corporate financing, auto leasing, and much more.


To better serve customers – especially fast-paced youth – Alinma Bank has leveraged its already significant technological advantages in the market, to further push past the competition in digitizing the customer experience.  Alinma Bank is driving forward with innovations in payments, savings schemes, digital transactions, and other important product and service categories, to ensure that Alinma customers always have the very latest in banking technology securing and facilitating their financial lives.


Alinma Bank will continue to support the Saudi economy and the bright future the kingdom’s citizens and residents deserve.  This will include an ongoing commitment to Vision 2030, as expressed through Alinma’s own Strategy 2025 initiative and other key projects and programs, all executed with the Shariah-compliant, values-based, service-centric approach that has made Alinma the preferred financial partner for so many.