Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2023, Alinma Bank adopted a strategy for social responsibility based on best practices, aiming to simultaneously focus on achieving shared outcomes for both our business and community, while also enabling positive impact. Alinma Bank's social responsibility revolves around empowering communities and contributing to financial inclusion, encompassing three key strategic themes:


  • Financial Inclusion: Contributing to the developmental empowerment to ensure easy and rapid access to financial services, particularly for underserved communities. The strategic objective is to reduce financial exclusion and unequal opportunities resulting from developmental challenges, especially among women, youth, and marginalized communities in Saudi Arabia. This is achieved by enhancing access to financial services for approximately 20% of the targeted demographic, thus contributing to increasing financial inclusion and economic empowerment.


  • Knowledge, Skills, and Financial Confidence: Alinma Bank is committed to empowering and enhancing the financial quality of life for the targeted community by bolstering knowledge, skills, and financial confidence. This enables communities to make informed decisions and achieve financial security, thereby encouraging active participation in the economy. These practices ensure the establishment of financially inclusive and sustainable communities where financial skills and knowledge are practiced spontaneously. In this regard, the bank's social responsibility focuses on addressing financial illiteracy within the community through effective initiatives, programs, and partnerships.


  • Financing Entrepreneurs in Promising Fields: Alinma Bank launches a program for financing entrepreneurs and small projects in promising and innovative fields. The program is designed to empower and support entrepreneurs in the seed and early stages of their projects, facilitating their transition to the growth stage through a comprehensive program providing guidance, expertise, and financing. This aims to stimulate their active participation in the economic system and create opportunities for them, in addition to striving for their financial stability. Alinma Bank allocates 1% of net profits to social responsibility programs and initiatives.


Alinma Bank allocates 1% of its net profits to social responsibility programs and initiatives. Additionally, in managing social responsibility at Alinma Bank, we dedicate efforts to attract project opportunities and developmental initiatives that achieve desired outcomes for the community while enhancing the bank's reputation and positive impact. For project support requests or inquiries regarding social responsibility programs, please contact: