Family Account

Your family means everything to you, and their financial needs are always on your mind. We are, therefore, pleased to introduce the Alinma Family Account, a new banking option that allows you to open separate sub-accounts (savings & current) for your spouse or children. It is linked to your main account, but managed by you, giving you the flexibility to control and monitor your family’s financial activities.

There is no need to visit a branch, and no administrative fees are applied. Simply register online using Alinma Internet. The Family Account gives you full financial control, helps your family save, and educates them about financial responsibility.


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This service encourages children to save by rewarding them with incentive amounts that you regularly transfer to your children’s savings accounts when they meet saving targets that you set.

  1. Choose the family account from the main menu
  2. Choose settings for a new family member
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions and press start
  4. Enter the national ID number for the family member to add or choose it in case it was added from the table and press Execute and Continue
  5. Choose the type and name of the account and the ability to enter the added member to the Internet Alinma
  6. Adjust settings for transfers for the added member's account
  7. Adjust the payment settings for the added member's account
  8. After that, a summary of the subscription to the service appears
  9. After that, it is possible to enter the child savings service to determine the type of incentive and the incentive amount

  • No fees
  • No branch visits
  • Ability to open sub-accounts (savings and current) for family members via Alinma Internet without the need to visit a branch
  • Ability to issue Alinma mada cards for each family member and to set separate withdrawal and purchase limits
  • Ability to grant and manage online access to accounts for each family member through Alinma Internet
  • Monthly account e-statements (optional)
  • SMS alerts for account transactions
  • Ability to easily set transfer and payment limits for each family member
  • Ability to conveniently monitor accounts using account nicknames of your choice
  • A way to encourage children to save for the future through Kids Savings and to educate them on the proper use of banking services.

  • Service is available for both Saudi & non-Saudi customers
  • All immediate family members are eligible (spouse and children)

  • A valid Family Account is required to participate in the Kids Savings service.
  • Only children of the primary account holder are eligible for the Kids Savings service
  • The primary account holder is responsible for setting either fixed or percentage-based savings limits.