Cars Auto Lease Financing

Cars Auto Lease Financing

The Auto-Lease finance from Alinma Bank provides customers with the opportunity to obtain a car of their choice with the possibility of owning it at the end of the contract through easy and convenient procedures with unique features and in full compliance with Shariah regulations and provisions, where the bank purchases the required car from the agent or supplier and then leases it to the customer for a fixed period in easy installments.


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  • Immediate preliminary approval from the first visit.
  • Comprehensive insurance through all contract duration.
  • Financing period of up to (5) years
  • Available to Saudis and expats (with and without salary transfer).
  • Financing up to SAR 1 million*.
  • Financing up to 65 years of age for those who are on the job
  • Financing up to the age of 75 for retirees.
  • No down payment required.
  • Final payment of up to 60%.
  • The possibility to apply for up to 3 cars.
  • Usage coverage includes GCC.
  • After-sales services.
  • The possibility of forgoing of the vehicle.
  • Compatible with sharia provisions and regulations (Sharia Complaint).

* Terms & Conditions Apply.‏

Monthly installments Auto Lease:

Allows the customer to pay the Auto-lease on a monthly basis, with a maximum of five years installments, with the option to pay a final payment “ownership payment” based on Alinma Bank terms and conditions.

50/50 Auto Lease:

Allows the customer to get an auto lease financing for two years by paying 50% of the car value as an advance payment and 50% as a final payment “ownership payment”, with the option of paying the profit and insurance amounts either in advance to avoid paying monthly installments, or in a monthly basis during the contract period.

  • A picture of a national identity/Iqama.
  • Valid driver's license.
  • Vehicle Quotation.
  • Salary Certificate.
  • Salary confirmation letter (for salary transfer customers).
  • Bank statement (for customers without salary transfer).
  • Current account with Alinma Bank

  • Through the direct sales team located at dealer and supplier lounges
  • Visit the nearest branch of the bank
  • Calling Alinma Bank Phone services on 8001208008

Step 1:

  • Visit the dealer or showroom
  • Choose the vehicle and the desired specifications
  • Get a vehicle quotation through the sales representative
  • Get the required documents

Step 2:

  • Go to a bank sales representative or visit a branch of Alinma Bank or contact Alinma Phone Services
  • Provide the sales representative with the requested quotation and documents
  • Choose the financing program
  • Get the initial offer
  • Signing application documents

Step 3:

  • Study the application by the bank and provide the customer with final approval
  • Contact the agent or supplier and complete the purchase of the vehicle

Step 4:

  • Getting the vehicle ready by the dealer or showroom
  • Sign documents by the customer and receive the vehicle and congratulations on your car

Enjoy a package of after-sales services that make your experience easy and distinct:

  • Domestic driving delegation
  • International driving permit
  • Adding an additional driver to the vehicle
  • Vehicle driving license renewal
  • Early repayment of the contract
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Substitution
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Postponement of installments
  • Reschedule the last payment
  • Traffic Accident Procedures
  • Renewal of insurance policies
  • Replacement letter for lost (Registration - plates - key)
  • Letter of changing the shape or data of the plate
  • Actual user change
  • Partial payment

Q 1 Is the product compliant with Islamic law?
  Yes, Alinma Auto-Lease is compliant with Islamic law.
Q 2 Can I get more than one car?
  Yes, it is possible to get more than one car and a maximum of three cars according to the customer’s financial finances.
Q 3 What is the highest funding period?
  Five years
Q 4 What is the minimum funding period?
  One year
Q 5 Are retirees granted a finance?
Q 6 What is the minimum age for funding?
  18 years old
Q 7 Can I get funding without a salary transfer?
Q 8 Are vehicle key backups kept at Alinma Bank?
  Are vehicle key backups kept at Alinma Bank?
Q 9 Is there car insurance?
  yes, there's comprehensive insurance throughout the contract with the bank.
Q 10 Can you apply for vehicle funding without a driver's license?
  The application requires a valid driver's license
Q 11 How is a new funding application submitted?
  You can apply through the sales representative who is in the sales halls of the dealers and showrooms or visit one of the branches of Alinma Bank or by calling Alinma Phone Services
Q 12 Can I delegate another driver?
  You can authorize more than one person to drive the vehicle provided they have a valid driver's license.
Q 13 Are there charges when implementing after-sales services?
  After-sales charges are shown in the Aftersales Services Guide
Q 14 Is it possible to travel by vehicle outside the Kingdom? (Under delegation)
  Yes, it is possible to travel by vehicle to authorized countries by applying with the branches of Alinma Bank.
Q 15 How is a claim filed with the insurance company?
  By visiting the insurance company's website or through the company's channels
Q 16 How long does the vehicle Istmarah last?
  According to Moroor regulations, three years from the release date
Q 17 Can the balloon payment be rescheduled?
Q 18 How do you know the percentage of coverage?
  Review the insurance policy
Q 19 How to get the car after receive the approval?
  By visiting Agyncy/dealers and after contact with the customer.
Q 20 How to get Aftersales services?
  By visiting our website, visiting a branch of Alinma Bank, or through Alinma Phone Services.
Q 21 Is the ownership transferred after all installments and fees have been paid and the last payment, if any, is paid?
  Yes, after paying the full amounts, the bank transfers the ownership of the vehicle to the customer.
Q 22 Can the ownership be transferred after the financing is paid to another party?
  Yes, as desired by the client.
Q 23 Can you make a concession on the vehicle?
  Yes, in the event that the ceded customer is entitled to it according to the terms and conditions


Rental vehicle finance (monthly)  
Period (years) 5
Car  Price 100,000
Down Payment 5,000
Finance Amount 95,000
Balloon Payment 40,000
Administrative fees including VAT 1,093
Profit rate % 3.25%
Total profit amount 15,437.50
Insurance ratio % 3.00%
Total insurance amount 13,110
Annual interest rate% 8.83%
Total amount Due 123,547.50
Installment amount 1,392.46


Rental Vehicle Finance (50-50)  
Period (years) 2
Vehicle Price Incl VAT 200,000.00
Down Payment 100,000
Finance Amount  100,000
Balloon Payment 100,000
Administrative fees including VAT 1,150
Profit rate (%) 3.25%
Total profit amount 6,500
Insurance ratio (%) 3.00%
Total insurance amount including VAT 12,765
Annual interest rate (%) 11.58%
Total Advance Payment * 119,265
Total amount Due 100,00
Installment amount 0

* Includes Down Payment, Management Fees, Profit & Insurance