Alinma Bank Launches Its Initial Advertising Campaign under the Slogan Tafaal

Alinma Bank has launched an integrated advertising campaign utilizing various mass media under the slogan Tafa’al, which reflects the bank’s operational approach and highlights its intended role in the development of banking in the Saudi economic arena.

Mr. Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al Fares, the CEO of the bank, said that optimism is a well established cultural principle that implies positivism, initiative and excellence. He noted that this principle was alive and well in the Kingdom, which has emerged, on the economic front, as a country successfully navigating the rapid and sometimes difficult economic changes taking place in the world today. This has been especially true during the current global financial crisis. Al Fares attributed the Kingdom’s strength and resilience first to God and then to the Kingdom’s wise leadership headed by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud and Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, who have established an economic strategy of maintaining development even during times of crisis. This has been evident in the Kingdom’s achievements in all sectors.

Al Fares added that the establishment of Alinma Bank with 15 billion SAR in share capital represented a qualitative leap forward in the banking industry and that the bank would serve as an integrated mechanism for utilizing and increasing citizens’ savings and meeting the growing large-scale project needs of the Kingdom.

He explained that the bank has chosen the slogan "Tafaal" for its campaign in order to highlight the developmental progress underway in the Kingdom. He said that each new day presents a reason for optimism. This is true at a personal level, at the overall economic level and at the broader societal level. He said that the bank would therefore encourage its current and future partners with the word “Tafa’al,” for Alinma is a bank striving to give partners full care and attention, assisting them in realizing their ambitions, meeting their desires, and understanding their needs.

The CEO indicated that the campaign is aimed at achieving the bank’s goals and introducing it to the targeted public with the highest degree of professionalism as well as conveying the form and content of its messaging effectively and efficiently through the optimal use of media and advertising means. He said the campaign would also contribute to the spread of hope and optimism, would inspire community spirit and would enhance confidence in a better future.

Mr. Al Fares added that that the bank would call upon its partners to be optimistic and that it would strive to be a model for banking business excellence. This excellence would extend to the level of service provided, the efficiency and accuracy work, competitive pricing and financing rates and transparency.

Al Fares also added that the bank had invested, over the past two years, in building qualified personnel, automated systems and modern electronic channels in order to be able to serve its partners through a network of branches, ATMs and its specialized Alinma Phone and Alinma Internet banking services.

The CEO noted that the campaign derives its main idea from the success of Alinma Bank in its establishment and operational steps. He said that the bank’s optimism was rooted in a sense of confidence borne of the hard, professional work carried out by staff during the bank’s period of formation.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Awadh, the General Manager of the Marketing Group, said that the campaign carries multiple messages to Saudi society and to the bank’s partners, the most important of which are: Announcing the launch of the bank’s businesses, creating greater awareness of the bank, creating a mental image of the bank in the minds of consumers, developing a positive impression of the role assigned to bank and stressing the need to keep pace with the developmental evolution of the Kingdom.

He noted that the campaign focuses on aspects of optimism in people’s daily lives and on the level of the Kingdom’s economy and development across all segments of the society. Such optimism, he said, would fill each day with aspirations for the future and that bank would be a positive part of people’s lives, caring about and sharing their dreams and bringing those dreams to fruition.

It is noteworthy to mention that Alinma Bank is a Saudi joint stock company founded in 2008 with a capital of 15 billion SAR divided into 1.5 billion ordinary shares of equal value. The founding shareholders, the Public Investment Fund, the Public Pension Agency and the General Organization for Social Insurance, own equal shares of the bank equaling 30% of the bank's capital, while the remaining 70% was placed for public subscription in April 2008.