Instant Savings

Instant saving gives you the opportunity to save or donate to a charitable organization with several options, such as deducting a fixed amount, rounding the amount, or a specific percentage of your purchases through POS or local Internet purchases.


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Service Features:
  • The deducted amount will be automatically transferred to saving account or specific charitable association approved by Alinma Bank.
  • Possibility of subscribing and canceling the service through Digital channels.
  • Establishing a daily upper limit for savings amounts and a minimum account balance for this service through Digital channels.
  • No subscription fees.


Open a Saving Account through Alinma App:
  1. Log in and select “New Account” from the dashboard then select “Saving Account”.
  2. Enter short name and currency.
  3. Review the Terms & Conditions and Confirm.


Subscribe on Instant Saving or Charity Saving through Alinma App:
  1. Log in and select “More” from the dashboard.
  2. Select Instant or Charity Saving.
  3. Select Account and Card.
  4. Select Saving type (Fixed Amount -Percentage – Round Up).
  5. Review and confirm.