New Alinma App

New Alinma App

We are pleased to provide you with the all-new Alinma App for a convenient banking experience with advanced features & services that provides best user experience.


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Features that meet your needs 

  1. A comprehensive dashboard that collects products and services in one page.
  2. The ability to customize Alinma App theme to your favorite soccer club in partnership with ROSHN Saudi league.
  3. Digitally Apply & execute Personal Finance.
  4. Apply & execute Credit Cards instantly.
  5. Instantly Apply & execute Charge card, Purchase Card and Traveler Card.
  6. Family Account management with quick access to key features via the app.
  7. Purchase  e-vouchers through Alinma Store.
  8. Quick login options using face recognition or a passcode.
  9. Multiple theme options. 
  10. Payments and bills.
  11. Instant local transfer “SARIE” and international transfers via Alinma Express and Western Union with scheduling recurring transfers.
  12. Access to “akthr” loyalty program and redeem points through Alinma app or Alinma Internet
  13. View exclusive Alinma Bank offers.
  14. Specially enabled for blind and sight-impaired customers
  15. Nama Subscription, you can invest and track your investments easily.



Steps to register in the Alinma app

  1. Download Alinma app
  2. Click on New User
  3. Enter the ATM card number and the card's PIN
  4. Add your email address
  5. Setup your username and password
  6. Enter the activation code
  7. You are now ready to banking faster with us