Alinma Remains Banking Security Leader with PCI-DSS Version 2 Certification

Not content with resting on its laurels after obtaining the first version of the PCI-DSS certification for bank card security in April 2010, Alinma Bank has pursued and been subsequently awarded PCI-DSS version two certification. As such, Alinma becomes the first Saudi bank and one of the first banks in the Middle East to be so certified. Alinma Bank now stands on top the Saudi banking sector with regard to maintaining compatibility with and application of international best practices related to the security of partner (client) data.

Alinma obtained certification after passing a comprehensive assessment process conducted by the Control Case organization, which is specializes in the certification process and is accredited by the Standards Board of Banking Cards Information Security to do so. Control Case carried out extensive testing on the bank’s information systems and networks to ensure the application and execution of solutions related to information security. Additionally, the company conducted a detailed review of the bank’s documents and work procedures as well as interviews and tours to ensure the practical application of the global standard requirements.

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Sayyari, the general manager of the IT group at Alinma Bank, said that the certification comes as an extension of the tireless efforts exerted by the bank's management to provide better banking services with the highest degree of excellence and security to its partners. He also said that such certifications were in line with the bank’s strategy and ongoing commitment to applying the latest in information security technology. Al-Sayyari further explained that the certification would function to enhance partner confidence in the bank and would work to motivate the bank to continue applying the best contemporary banking practices and technologies to maintain the security and safety of partner information.

It is worth mentioning that Alinma Bank has received a number of international accolades and certifications related to IT system performance, banking information protection and call center technology.