New Alinma Website Launched with Enhanced Features

Alinma Bank has relaunched its website ( with a range of enhancements that leverage the latest internet banking technologies in order to provide bank partners (clients) with a streamlined user experience. This means simplicity, reliability, efficiency and, as always, a secure and confidential environment in which to execute transactions.

The new site supports all major web browsers and includes the following features:

- Traffic violation notifications

- Notification of bills that are due to be paid

- Status updates for partners’ personal financing, global limit and credit cards

- Ability to either print or save (PDF-Excel-Web) account statements

- Transfers/payments to government and social institutions including registered charities

- Ability to request IBAN account numbers (numbers sent securely to partners via SMS)

- Charts and graphs of monthly partner account activity

- Partner transaction limits for various e-channel services

- Notification of account activity

- Currency exchange rates

Speaking about the relaunch, Mr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Fares, CEO of Alinma Bank, said that it was the bank’s aim to add as much value as possible to partners’ online experiences with Alinma. “We, at Alinma Bank, are always keen on providing our partners with high-tech, sophisticated, secure, banking systems,” said Al-Fares. “It is our hope that we can gain and maintain partner confidence and that we can help partners realize their aspirations, facilitate their management of their accounts and provide them information and services so as to limit the need for them to visit bank branches.

Mr. Al-Fares also explained that the Alinma website enables its visitors to open accounts through a simple online application process. Subsequently, when the partner visits a branch to complete the application process, he/she will only need to provide a signature and pick-up cards, which are issued on-the-spot. This, said Al-Fares, was a major time-saving feature of Alinma’s process.

It is worth mentioning that Alinma Bank has recently upgraded services related to its Alinma Mobile service and also has added new options, such as payments to government entities, general bill payments, and transfers to individuals, companies, and charitable organizations.