Alinma Bank Supports Young Entrepreneurs by Sponsoring Al-Majd TV’s Road to the Market Program

Alinma Bank has announced that it will sponsor Al-Majd TV’s weekly “Road to the Market” program, which focuses on issues related to entrepreneurship and providing information that will help young businesspeople develop the skills they will need to succeed in establishing their own small and medium enterprises.

Speaking about the sponsorship of the program, Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Fares, the CEO of Alinma Bank, highlighted the bank’s commitment to community service. “As a founding member of the Riyadah National Entrepreneurship Institute, Alinma has, for a number of years, worked diligently to support the SME sector and to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the Saudi youth,” said Al-Fares.“This has been done as part of the bank’s commitment to community service and has been executed under the auspices of its own corporate social responsibility program. The sponsorship of Road to the Market, then, is a natural fit for Alinma, which is always looking for new ways to serve society.”

Mr. Al-Fares also lauded the efforts exerted by Riyadahto supporteconomic development in Saudi Arabia.“The projects of these young entrepreneurs will definitely have fruitful results in the future,” said Al-Fares. He also explained that Alinma’s positive experience sponsoring the show last year contributed to its decision to continue the relationship this year.

Mr. Al Fares also emphasizedthat Alinma Bank would spare no effort to support small and medium enterprisesthrough its corporate social responsibility program and that it would strive to contribute to the development of various business segments and would support educational forums and exhibitions to serve its partners and the national economy.