Alinma Bank CEO Visits the Disabled Children’s Association in Riyadh

Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Fares, CEO of Alinma Bank, has visited the Disabled Children’s Association in Riyadh at the kind invitation of HRH Prince Sultan Ibn Salman Ibn Abdulaziz, chairman of the board of directors of the association.

Speaking about the occasion, Mr. Al-Fares said that he hoped his visit would help to highlight the association’s services for disabled children as well as its most important achievements.The association takes a leading role in embracing and caring for disabled children and providing necessary support and training to help them integrate with and contribute to the community as productive individuals. Al-Faresalso praised the Kingdom’s efforts in supporting such organizations, raising awareness and helping to conduct medical testing throughout all regions of the Kingdom. He emphasized that these efforts were in accordance with the best international practices established to provide care and service to disabled children.

Mr. Al-Fares further added that Alinma was always eager to participate in such programs, as the bank is committed to its role in society. He also praised the care and dedication of senior officials at the association, especially HRH Prince Sultan Ibn Salman Ibn Abdulaziz, and the management team,all of whom exert great effort in providing adequate care and support for the children.

It is worth mentioning that Alinma Bank supports the activities of the Disabled Children’s Associationand has dedicated a special account to receive donations to the association.