Alinma Bank Supports Fraud Awareness Campaign

Alinma Bank has participated in the fifth phase of an anti-fraud campaign led by the Committee for Information and Banking Awareness of Saudi Banks, of which Alinma is a member. The campaign, launched under the slogan “Do Not Disclose,” ran for three days at Dhahran Mall in the city of Al-Khobar, and highlighted the importance of the following:

• Identifying and preventing fraudulent, criminal operations

• Clarifying legal repercussions and penalties for those who commit fraud

• Informing the proper authorities of fraudulent activity

The campaign’s booth saw heavy traffic by shoppers at Dhahran Mall who showed great interest. Leaflets were also distributed, which aimed to promote awareness and educate individuals on how they can combat financial fraudby maintaining the confidentiality of personal and banking information and by taking proper safety precautions when using banking channels.

Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Fares, CEO of Alinma Bank, praised the efforts exerted by the committee, notingthat such programs play a major role in raising Alinma partner (customer) awareness of this important issue. He also explained that the bank takes claims of fraud seriously and respondsimmediatelyto concerns expressed by its partners.

It is worth mentioning that, as part of the campaign, Alinma also distributedleaflets, made visual presentations, and provided support staff to help address queries raised by members of the public. By participating in such events, Alinma aims to highlight its commitment to professionalism, ethical behavior and service to bothits partners and society as a whole.