Cash Back Offer for Alinma Bank Cardholders

For a limited time, Alinma Bank cardholders will be able to receive cash back on international hotel reservations, restaurant purchases and car rentals. The offer, which is valid through the end of April 2014, allows for up to 3% cash back when Alinma partners use their credit or debit cards for the aforementioned purchases.  There are no preconditions or registration requirements. Simply by using their cards at hotels, restaurants or car rental companies, partners will automatically be eligible for the cash back offer.

During the summer of 2013, Alinma bank extended a similar offer to its partners with regard to restaurant purchases.  Because of the overwhelming popularity of that promotion and in response to requests from partners, Alinma decided expand the program this year to include more purchase categories.

Since its inception, Alinma Bank has strived to meet and exceed partner expectations. In its pursuit of excellence, the bank continues to provide its cardholders with value-added services including automatic discounts at select shops, and increased card security in order to maintain a strong level of trust between Alinma and its partners.  In fact, the Alinma debit card features the CVV2 security protocol, which allows partners to enable/disable Internet purchasing as they see fit, thus increasing transaction security and limiting partners’ exposure to fraud.

Alinma Bank’s debit cards performed exceedingly well in 2013, prompting Visa International to recognize Alinma for having the best debit card portfolio performance for that year.

Alinma Bank provides instantly issued, smart chip debit and credit cards at all its branches throughout the kingdom. Partners can find updated information about new offers from the bank on the bank’s website ( They may also call the bank’s Alinma Phone service at the following number: 8001208000.