King Saud University Economics Club Visits Alinma Bank

The King Saud University Economics Club recently visited the head office of Alinma Bank in Riyadh as part of a cooperative outreach program designed to give students valuable insights into the banking profession. During the visit, students toured various bank departments and learned about the bank’s organizational structure, employment opportunities and on-the-job training programs available to new employees.
Alinma Bank values opportunities to serve talented youth in the Kingdom, and uses outreach programs to help spur interest in banking and finance, both of which are key sectors for the long term growth and success of the Kingdom. Alinma also works tirelessly to address the Kingdom’s employment needs; and by helping students bridge the gap between school and the work world, the bank has the opportunity to connect with the many qualified, talented young Saudis preparing to graduate each year.
It should be noted that Alinma Bank boasts an 87% Saudization rate, a rate that has steadily increased since the bank’s launch.  As the bank continues to grow, Alinma anticipates that it will provide more jobs to worthy candidates.  Alinma currently operates through 105 branches and 1066 ATMs across the Kingdom, through which it provides partners (customers) with exemplary, innovative, Shariah-compliant products and services.