Alinma Bank Trains Business Partners in Eastern Region

As part of its ongoing outreach efforts to its partners (customers), Alinma Bank recently held a number of educational seminars in the Eastern Region designed specifically for its corporate banking partners. As in the past, bank staff members were on hand to share information on a broad range of topics that included business services, business products, marine insurance, cash management and electronic banking. Partners received overviews as well as more detailed information designed to assist them in understanding Alinma’s products, services and competencies in these areas.  Partners also had opportunities to interface with bank staff on issues of importance to them. As always, Alinma emphasized its commitment to full Shariah-compliance, quality service and utilization of best practices.
In addition to the aforementioned focus, Alinma staff also shared information regarding rules and regulations issued by the International Chamber of Commerce and led practical training workshops on how to use the bank’s services. Additionally, information was provided on liquidity management and cash flow optimization.
The Corporate Banking group at Alinma Bank offers a broad range of products and services including direct Murabaha, Ijara with subsequent ownership, Bai Ajel (through the Alinma Treasury group), Musharaka financing, direct import and corporate current accounts, and marine insurance products. An array of trade products is also available, including import and export credits, guarantees, and documentary collections. All of this comes as an extension of the bank’s current marketing campaign: “You need a financial partner who makes your life easier.”  
Alinma’s corporate partners can avail themselves of these products and other exemplary services by visiting Alinma’s corporate service centers located in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. Alternatively, partners may also use the bank’s corporate Alinma Phone service (8001201010) or its Alinma Internet ( corporate portal