Alinma’s Human Capital Division Launches Leadership Development Program

Alinma Bank recently launched the latest track of its Wa’ed talent development program.  The Leadership Development Program (Alinma LEAD) was inaugurated at a workshop sponsored by the bank’s Human Capital division on May 16, 2017 and is set to launch during the bank’s upcoming third quarter.  LEAD is designed to develop middle management within the bank through a focus on decision-making, strategy, personnel management, and results-based methodologies.  LEAD is also part of Alinma’s broader strategic vision, in which the critical importance of recruitment and development of talented individuals is emphasized. When LEAD launches, three separate groups of trainees will each receive 10 days of specialized training in the aforementioned areas of focus.

Alinma Bank has had a long-standing commitment to staff development.  Toward that end, Wa’ed was created as a multi-track program for current bank employees while the bank’s Al-Qawi Al-Ameen program has focused on talent identification.