Alinma ATMs Ranked among Best in Kingdom

Alinma Bank has been recognized by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) for the excellence of its ATM services.  The honor was bestowed by SAMA Deputy Governor for Banking Operations, HE Mr. Hashim Bin Othman Al-Huqail, on behalf of SAMA’s governor.

Speaking about the award for Alinma’s ATM channel performance, Alinma Bank CEO,  Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Fares, said that the award confirmed the bank’s commitment to the quality of its products and services. He noted that that commitment extended back to the establishment of the bank and its implementation, at that time, of advanced technological systems and best banking practices.  Al-Fares also thanked SAMA, its governor and staff for their supervisory role and ongoing support of the banking sector, which has led to the Saudi banking sector being internationally recognized for its excellence.

The award itself is one of the top honors in the banking industry, with bank’s being evaluated quantitatively based on measurements and indicators such as ATM availability for withdrawals and deposits, operational efficiency, cash management and cost control.