Alinma Bank Launches e-Learning Academy

Alinma Bank has taken a major step in the training and development of its staff with the establishment of the Alinma Bank e-Learning Academy.  The initiative, which involves cooperative input from several international training firms, will give Alinma employees access to vast e-learning resources designed to improve personal, functional and other business skills, and will further provide advanced professional courses in critical areas of bank operations.

Speaking about the new initiative, Dr. Sulaiman AlHudaif, Head of the Alinma Bank Human Capital Group, emphasized the bank’s ongoing commitment to the development of the talented Saudis it hires.

"Since its inception, Alinma has considered its staff the primary resource of the bank, constituting the most integral component of operations and service to bank partners (customers),” said AlHudaif.  “And with this new initiative, Alinma will be better positioned to capitalize on its investment in its employees by helping them realize their individual potentials through quality training.”

The Alinma Bank e-Leaning Academy gives staff 24/7 online access to a full library of training resources that individuals can access as they see fit, working through various training programs at their own pace. And thanks to the partnerships Alinma has established with recognized training specialists, tracking by world-class experts will help assure quality results. 

The Alinma Bank e-Learning Academy currently provides a wide range of training programs including  ones related to managerial skills, computer program proficiency, security, and safety. Trainees are awarded certificates upon successful completion of programs. Alinma Bank has, since its launch, trained 14,218 staff through 971 training courses over a total of 64985 training days.