Alinma Bank COVID-19 Initiatives

Alinma Bank has enacted a number of key measures designed to address the ongoing fight against the currently spreading coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease that it causes.  As an institution committed to society at-large, and in order to fully support government efforts, Alinma has taken these steps to ensure the health and safety of Alinma employees, Alinma Bank partners (customers), and anyone else who might utilize the bank’s services during the crisis.

?From the earliest days of the government’s response, Alinma moved quickly to address contact transmission of the virus in its branches and its office locations.  This included the closing of women’s branches and the special designation of key branches to remain open, where both male and female partners are now being served.  For employees, the bank’s business continuity efforts have resulted in remote work and training for as many staff as possible.  For staff members who still need to be physically present at work, safety protocols have been put in place to maximize safety.  These include reductions in overall building headcounts, use of remote meeting technology, mandatory daily health screenings upon arrival, and provision of hand sanitizers and protective gloves.

?In the bank’s branches, adhesive signage on the floors instructs partners on proper social distancing practices, while similar signage in waiting areas ensures that partners sit at proper distances from one another.  Furthermore, a daily sterilization regimen keeps all premises and ATMs optimally safe for use.

?Alinma Bank has also embarked on a public awareness campaign via SMS and email, that disseminates preventive guidance from the Ministry of Health.  Through its social media channels, the bank has encouraged the use of self-service banking options, which allow partners to tend to all of their banking needs from the comfort of their own homes.  Such messages have been sent in a total of eight languages in order to ensure that awareness is comprehensively communicated at this critical time.

?Additionally, Alinma Bank has donated SAR 8 million to a number of initiatives, supported by the Health Endowment Fund, that will assist in the COVID-19 fight.  These include the the provision of advanced intensive care devices, air purifiers, personal protective equipment for healthcare workers, and supplies necessary for ongoing sterilization of healthcare and other key public facilities. The bank has also donated SAR 1 million to facilitate in-home kidney dialysis for elderly and infirm individuals, so as to help them avoid infection.

?To ease financial burdens during the crisis, Alinma has deferred financing installment payments for SMEs for a period of six months, and for health sector workers for a period of three months.  Moreover, the transaction limit for PIN-less point of sale purchases has been increased to SAR 300, and fees have been waived for local interbank transfers, point of sale transactions (for merchants), and financing through the Kafalah SME program.

?Alinma Bank is committed to serving the community through the duration of this crisis and will continue to ensure that financial services proceed unimpeded.  It furthermore remains committed to supporting all government initiatives, and will cooperate fully until resolution of the crisis is achieved.