AlinmaPay is the first digital wallet that been Certified by Saudi Payments to be a service provider for SADAD payments

AlinmaPay has inaugurated a new service for governmental and commercial bills through SADAD as the first digital wallet in KSA that been technically Certified by Saudi Payments to work as SADAD service provider which allow customers to view and pay zakah, taxes, government bills, fines, commercial bills and other digital payments using safe and fast methods which is part of Saudi Payment pledge to provide users with best technical solutions to ensure fast and safe payments. This achievement is the product of 2030 vision to improve the financial sector by enabling non-banking finical technology companies to ingrate with national payments systems as SADAD.


AlinmaPay is a digital wallet under Saudi Financial Technology Company that been certified by Saudi Central Bank to contribute in achieving 2030 vision goals in advancing the finical sector by reaching financial Inclusion and digitization in the field of financial technology.


AlinmaPay provide many features such as opining digital wallet account electronically without having bank account, and it is the first digital wallet in KSA that enable customer to issue digital cards instantly and completely compatible with Apple Pay, Visa, and mada. AlinmaPay Digital card is acceptable in all online stores and applications and it support cash withdrawal from Alinma ATMs that are more than 1580 ATMs in KSA. Also, AlinmaPay has many other features such as international transfer and split payment for invoices and transactions among users by sending payment requests using phone number via smart phones.