Alinma Bank is the first to nationalize jobs and receives the labor award

In a confirmation of its continuous efforts to become the first employer of choice for talents and competencies, Alinma Bank has been recognized with the labor award in Saudization as the top entity to nationalize jobs in the financial and insurance sector, and among the top 13 national institutions that achieved leadership in Saudization. The ceremony was held under the patronage of the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology and the Minister of Economy and Planning,


On this occasion, the Chief Human Capital Officer, Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Salama, confirmed that Alinma Bank has adopted job nationalization within the bank’s goals and priorities since the bank’s inception in 2009. He added: “We chose from the beginning to support the efforts of Saudization and nationalization of jobs, especially as it is among the priorities of the leadership. Therefore, Alinma Bank took the initiative to harness all capabilities to create a work environment to become the first employer choice in order to attract national talents and competencies, invest in their development and development, increase the sustainability rate of employees and enhance their career development. We have achieved unique results in Saudization, most prominent of which is the bank's access to achieve platinum range in a short period, with its continuation in the elite program, and its being considered the leading facility in this achievement among all the institutions listed in the Saudi financial market. In addition to the Bank’s compliance with all relevant regulations and procedures of Ministry, as well as the bank's record that is free of violations.


It is worth noting that more than 10,000 establishments participated in the "Labor Award", which is one of the initiatives of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to honor the efforts of establishments in various fields and motivate them to implement distinguished practical models and enhance compliance with the standards of the ideal work environment in order. The award, in its second edition, includes 3 main tracks: the “Saudization Track,” the “Work Environment Track,” and the “Skills and Training Track.” The award includes 24 prizes for the most important areas in contributing to stimulating nationalization and providing job opportunities for male and female citizens, in addition to raising awareness and motivating establishments.