Saleh Abdullah Alzumaie Named Alinma Bank Deputy CEO

The Alinma Bank Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Saleh Abdullah Alzumaie as the bank’s new Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Alinma’s Retail & Digital Banking Executive Group, effective immediately.  The decision, which comes as part of the bank’s corporate governance and succession planning efforts, positions Alzumaie to make an even more significant impact at Alinma, after a year and a half of exemplary service in the role of Senior Vice President and Head of Retail and Digital Banking.  The move also represents a strategic and operational adjustment to the bank’s organizational structure, aimed at empowering leadership and increasing overall management effectiveness.


At Alinma, Alzumaie has been responsible for the rapid growth of the bank’s Retail Banking business, which has helped Alinma become a true competitor for Saudi Arabia’s larger financial institutions, and has seen the bank surpass many others in the industry in terms of both relative and real growth.  Under Alzumaie’s leadership, Retail Banking at Alinma has made significant strides in the digitization of the customer experience, engagement of youth segments, and the crafting of a sustainable future for the bank and its customers.


Speaking about the appointment, Alinma Bank CEO, Mr. Abdullah Ali Al-Khalifa praised Alzumaie for the impact he has made over a relatively short tenure with the bank, and expressed his optimism for Alzumaie’s future contributions.


“Saleh Alzumaie’s contributions to Alinma’s Retail business have been nothing short of transformational and have significantly impacted Alinma’s top-line and bottom-line growth, along with nearly every other relevant measure of financial performance,” said Al-Khalifa.  “Going forward, we anticipate that his new role, along with the adjustments made to the bank’s structural and operational paradigms, will help take Alinma Bank to new heights of performance and service.”


Alzumaie has deep industry experience and has distinguished himself across numerous leadership positions that have helped shape the direction of the Saudi banking industry, especially within the Shariah-compliant banking and finance community.  He has proven success in treasury, retail banking, technical services, digitization, insurance, and payments.  He has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Fintech Company, Jabal Omar Development Company, Ersal Money Transfer, and Al Rajhi Capital, and as the chairman and as a member of several other notable companies as well.

Prior to joining Alinma Bank in 2021, Alzumaie served with distinction at Al Rajhi Bank.  His successes at Al Rajhi included leading Digital and Retail Banking where he gained significant experience in a broad range of areas including branch banking, remittances, treasury sales and FX, channel and relationship management, policy/procedure development and management, business planning, and strategy.

Alzumaie holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.