Business Expenses Card

Business Expenses Card

The Business Expense Card is a prepaid card for Alinma’s corporate banking partners (government and private entities) designed to help them address their petty cash needs.  With the Business Expense Card, authorized individuals can pay conveniently, securely, and transparently for business trips, office supplies, or any other approved expenditure.  And with the bank’s Alinma Internet Corporate online banking service, partners have the ability to review transactions, control available balances for their cards, and add or cancel cards according to each partner’s needs.

Service benefits:
  • Accepted both inside Saudi Arabia and internationally
  • Contactless payment enabled
  • Ability to view all transactions and print account statements
  • Ability to adjust internet purchase limit via E services
  • Only the card owner can transfer money to the card
  • Ability to top up/transfer back the card balance
  • Smart-chip enabled for increased security and protection
  • POS and online purchases
  • ATM cash withdrawals
  • Special offers from airlines, hotels, and restaurants in Saudi Arabia, GCC countries, and worldwide
How to obtain the Business Expense Card:
  1. Open a corporate current account
  2. Sign the service application agreement
  3. Request cards online, making sure to designate the number of users for each card
Alinma Internet Corporate services:
  • Issuing and activating card
  • Transferring money to the card’s account
  • Viewing transactions
  • Adding/Canceling cards


The Business Expense Card Request steps via Alinma Internet Corporate

  1. Login to Corporate internet banking
  2. Choose “Business Expense Card” from the main menu
  3. Choose “Expenses Card Upload File” from the “Business Expense Card” menu
  4. Upload the file and complete all the required data
  5. Approval stage


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