Soft POS

With the Alinma Bank SoftPOS service, merchants have the flexibility to use smartphone applications to complete customer payments directly on merchants’ smartphone. No additionally hardware is needed – only a smartphone that is SoftPOS compatible.

NFC connectivity already embedded in most smartphones allows for immediate, seamless payment when customers passes their mada Atheer enabled mada cards or credit cards over the smartphone running the SoftPOS payment application.  The same applies to customers wishing to pay with mada Pay or Apple Pay digital wallets.

As a retailer or business owner, payment reliability is important to you.  Alinma Bank understands your needs and provides the latest in Shariah-compliant banking technology to help you achieve you goals.


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Key benefits:
  • Free setup and maintenance
  • Access to reliable, best-in-class SoftPOS applications approved by the Saudi Central Bank
  • Activation and operation of SoftPOS points of sale through service provider applications
  • Supports large financial transactions
  • Thoughtful design provides support for current and future releases of Saudi TMS
  • Complies with the highest security standards
  • Secure environment that is constantly monitored
  • Complies with contactless payment requirements
  • Complies with approved security standards and requirements for EMVCo, L2, and L3 certifications


  • Open an Alinma Bank current account.
  • Complete the SoftPOS service agreement and form.
  • Submit a valid commercial registration.
  • Submit a copy of the national identity cards for the owner and the authorized person (if there is an agent).

We are pleased to serve you at any of our convenient Alinma Bank branches. You may also contact us by phone at 920017787, or by sending email to