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Alinma Bank recognizes the importance of the micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sector to the kingdom’s economy and to Vision 2030, and works to advance the sector through financing schemes that help companies overcome financial obstacles that hinder their development. via online business banking. With Alinma’s MSME programs, obtaining financing is fast, convenient, and flexible via online business banking.


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How to request:
1- Login to business banking.
2- From Quick Actions click on POS finance.

Key Benefits


  1. Financing up to SAR 7.5 million (Murabaha - Bai Ajel)
  2. Up to 60-month financing repayment term
  3. Convenient monthly installments
  4. Competitive profit rates and fees
  5. Fast processing of financing requests



Financing Limits:


Minimum Limit:
SAR 50,000



Maximum Limit:
  SAR 7,500,000



Conditions and Requirements


  1. Financing applicants must have a proven history of active POS service from Alinma Bank, for a period of not less than 12 months, with total cash flow of not less than SAR 200,000.
  2. POS service during the financing term must be exclusively with Alinma Bank.
  3. Businesses that are full beneficiaries of the Kafalah program are not eligible
  4. Businesses and owners must have clean credit histories.


We are pleased to serve you by visiting any of Alinma Bank Branches across the Kingdom, or by call 8001201010