Corporate Saving Account

Corporate Saving Account

Corporate Savings Account offers you options to grow your business starting from just one riyal, with flexibility and security for your transactions, in addition to competitive and distinctive returns. Discover how savings solutions can give you greater opportunities to manage cash and financial planning for your business.


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Features that meet your need:

  • Start your savings with just one riyal and enjoy returns of up to 3%* annually when increasing your balance Free Saving account opening.
  • Stay informed about your account activity through account statements and via self-service banking.
  • Secure financial returns distributed monthly based on investment outcomes.
  • Flexible returns that increase with balance growth and decrease with balance reduction.
  • Ability to withdraw funds at any time during the investment period.


Steps to open the account via Online Business Banking:

  1. Click on "Account Information."
  2. Choose "Create Sub-Account."
  3. Specify the type, currency, and purpose of the account.
  4. Select users if there are multiple users.
  5. Confirm and enter the verification code.


Savings Account Package

Balance Limits


Maturity in Month

Number of Withdrawals Permitted per Month

SAR 1 –100,000


One Month


SAR 100,000 –1,000,000


One Month


SAR 1,000,000 – 3,000,000


One Month


SAR 1,000,000 and above


One Month



Savings Account Feature:

Balance available for investment


Deposits during the investment term

Additional deposits can be made anytime. However, returns will be calculated as of the next investment term or as of the next working day (as per the package’s terms)


All customers

Minimum balance at the beginning of investment

As per the package’s features

Withdrawal authority*

Available at any time as per the package’s terms

Rate of return (investor)

As per the rates announced upon contract execution

Rate of return (broker)

As per the rates announced upon contract execution


Terms and Conditions:

  • A current account is required.
  • No fees are charged on withdrawal transactions during the savings period.
  • The savings account carries risks, including temporary investment opportunities in the market and seasonal business lulls during holidays and summer vacations, which may affect account returns. Therefore, the bank does not guarantee account stability or returns. However, potential future opportunities can be anticipated based on the bank's investment results.
  • Please note that returns will automatically increase for those whose balance reaches the minimum threshold of the highest savings package, and returns will decrease automatically for those whose balance reaches the minimum threshold of the lowest savings package.
  • A minimum balance is required for the savings account, which qualifies for entry into the investment pool to receive savings returns (according to package terms).

    Investment Pool

     An investment pool consists of revenue-generating and stable investments in terms of fair value and cash flows.

    Components of the Investment Pool:

  • Financing instruments
  • Sukuk (Islamic bonds)
Transactions with the Saudi Central Bank